Curriculum Development


The Wider Scope

In seeking to develop this training, we are aware of the considerations that come with this territory. We are seeking to work alongside teachers abroad and share with them, our knowledge, expertise and hope for a better future for the children in their communities. We will work with them, and only then, can we work for them. The process must be inclusive and collaborative and learning is reciprocated. 


Where Does Expertise Come From?

The depth and breadth of experiences, education and background of our team allows for a collaborative approach in developing our content. We have adult educators, school teachers, international development experts, retired military personnel, and child solider specialized trainers who have all contributed to the mission and development of this organization. We are tied to the reality that a world exists beyond ourselves, our families and our professions. We want to embrace this reality and relieve the injustices and atrocities found elsewhere in the world. 


Training Session Modules

Module 1:  United Nations Right of the Child

Module 2: Teachers as Advocates

Module 3: Threats to Children by Armed groups

Module 4: Our school community as a safe zone

Module 5: Counter Arguments for targeted Students